The New Company Franchise Development Program includes prepared franchise documents, Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD), Franchise Agreement and all exhibits, a complete set of operations manuals, franchise website designed exclusively for your business, marketing & advertising materials, Franchise Sales Brochure and a personal franchise consultant to coordinate the preparation of your Franchise Program to the standards of Franchising Professionals.

How does it work? Each Client is assigned an experienced Franchise Consultant, who is familiar with every nuance of the franchising industry and will guide you through your franchise process. Designated teams of Franchising Professionals will create each of the items included in your program used to franchise your business, while working closely with you to create a dynamic Franchise Program that can deliver results.

The New Company Franchise Development Program will be structured to your individual needs as a Franchisor. Financing for this program from may be available with terms customized to your business. If you feel that your company will qualify for the Franchise Development, then contact us to arrange a review.

Franchising Professionals will work with you and your staff, to determine the best way of structuring your franchisor program. All items necessary such as corporate entity in terms of regulatory acceptance, limitation of liability, financial disclosure requirements, tax implications, auditing standards, trademark usage, future spinoff possibilities, and Federal Trade Commission and State regulatory requirements will be reviewed. Obviously, specialized research, knowledge, and planning are needed to determine how to best structure you franchising corporate structure.

In franchising, the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement are more than just legal documents – they cover financial aspects of a business, quality control, operating systems and procedures, marketing, future options/alternatives and many other business aspects. The work is extensive; an attorney preparing the documents is limited to the legal process only, and normally does not possess sufficient knowledge or experience in all the various areas to develop the documents and additional materials such as operations manuals, marketing and sales items.
Below is a partial list of the products and services we offer with the New Company Franchise Development Program for accepted companies.

FDD – Franchise Disclosure Document prepared for you.
Franchise Registration by our Franchise Attorney if you are located in a registration state
Marketing, Advertising, and Sales by our Franchise marketing specialists
Website Development of your Franchising Page
Franchise Sales Brochures in full color
Established Franchisor Assistance with updates and marketing
Trademark Registration by a Trademark Attorney
Pay Per Click, Search Engine Advertising Programs
Franchise Broker Sales Program to sell your Franchises
Operations Manuals completed exclusively for your business

The New Company Franchise Development Program includes preparation of legal documents, operations manuals and marketing materials. All of these are created by Franchising Professionals assigned to your program that works closely with you to create a Franchise that can deliver results for you.
Required Franchise Documents

Every franchise must have a franchise agreement that thoroughly describes the offering made to the franchisee. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission requires that franchisors present to prospective franchisees the Disclosure Document, FDD which contains detailed information about the franchise company and its principal executives. If the franchisor is incorporated in a state that requires that franchises be registered state filings must be prepared and sent to your state.
Franchise Agreement

A Franchising Professional will prepare the Franchise Agreement defining the contractual relationship between you the franchisor and your franchisee’s. This Agreement will developed in conjunction with input from the New Company Franchise Development Program analysis and recommendations, and will be based on current industry practice and recent developments in franchise law. The Franchise Agreement defines the relationship between you (the franchisor) and each franchisee.
(FDD) Franchise Disclosure Document

A Franchising Professional will prepare and submit to our franchise attorney, for review and approval the disclosure document required by the Federal Trade Commission and state regulatory agencies. This document will contain required information, arranged in the format stipulated by FTC. guidelines. This document protects your image and reputation. It helps ensure a uniform and consistent operation from one franchisee to the next. It helps protect an individual franchisee from adverse actions by another franchisee.

The Disclosure Document provides the potential franchisee applicant with detailed background information on the franchise company, such as: specific details about the officers – who they are and their business history; the organization structure of the franchise company; the business concept; funds required by the franchisee; training provided; termination provisions; etc.

A Franchising Professional will determine the best way of structuring your franchise, corporate entity in terms of regulatory acceptance, limitation of liability, financial disclosure requirements, tax implications, auditing standards, trademark usage, future spinoff possibilities, and Federal Trade Commission and state regulatory requirements. Obviously, specialized research, knowledge and
Franchise Registration, Non-Registration and Filing States

A Franchising Professional will prepare the franchise registration applications required by your state regulatory agencies.
Franchise Operations Manuals

A Franchising Professional will develop the following Manuals for your Franchise Business:

Business Reference Manual
Human Resource Manual
Suggested Employee Manual
General Operations Manual & Forms

A Franchising Professional determines, with your input, the manual’s style, scope, and format, and will document procedures and collect any materials that are to be included in the manual.
Trademark Registration

A Franchising Professional will register your trademark and your advertising logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Marketing & Advertising and Sale of Franchise

A Franchising Professional will develop the marketing strategy for selling your franchises. A Franchising Professional will prepare a geographic expansion plan, and determine the best methods and approaches for attracting your ideal franchisee. Many new franchisors fail because they don’t have the proper marketing approach and don’t know the secrets to selling their particular franchise concept.

If you presently have a website, then our web designers will develop a Franchising addition to your present website.

Our web designers have the creative talent to appeal to your sense of style, the training and knowledge of current web development standards and practices, and the ability to turn your Franchise Program into reality!

All website development programming/coding to run any special features/visitor interactivity on your website is completed and tested. Incorporation of your logo, photos and text content is included in all projects.
Domain name registration / Website Hosting

If needed, we will immediately secure your desired domain name (pending availability) and include the first year of service. The domain is registered in your name with your information and you will be the only registrant contact on file.

If you require hosting services, we will provide top quality hosting services. Many of our clients host their websites with us and they have great server uptime, lots of features as well as good customer support.

The franchise brochure still remains the undisputed king of franchise marketing materials and the one absolute essential. Your franchise prospect will devour this brochure and it will also be scrutinized by their spouses and their attorney.